This website is a resource for people who are interested in the role of the psychopomp, primarily as a guide to the afterlife, and how these archetypal figures can help people through such important transitions as death. It contains information about what a psychopomp is, how psychopomps have been portrayed in the images, myths, and sacred stories of cultures throughout time, and why psychopomps still have an important role to play in today's spiritually and culturally diverse world.

It also serves as a resource for those who are actively working as a psychopomp, death midwife, death doula, or guide to the afterlife and may be looking for additional resources and information, or may be seeking ways to connect with others who are doing this important work.

The site was developed by Laura Strong, PhD, who has done extensive research into the myths and stories of psychopomps from around the world, and has been using her own psychopomp skills for many years.

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